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—Focus on the achievements of professional quality cast bran—


— Creating brand with quality and developing by brand —

 Shandong Baoge Machinery Co., Ltd., production LGBX series wheeled excavator, the current products include LG670BM wheel excavator, LG680BM wheel excavator, LG680BA wheeled excavator, LG6100BA wheel excavator. LGBX series wheeled excavator is Lin Gong Jinli company learn from the industry-leading enterprise platform development of new products, product performance through rigorous site reliability test, the main core components of the platform are wholly-owned holding company, the exclusive sharing platform for LGBX series wheeled excavator quality into the core gene, the company is committed to the "temporary workers Jinli" LGBX series wheeled excavator to create the industry's first brand.
       Adhering to the "quality of a brand, to promote innovation and development" business purposes, the company annual sales income of 5% -7% for market research and quality improvement, is committed to upgrading the company's products to world-class standards. With the strength of technological innovation, the company has won the "high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province", "Shandong Enterprise Technology Center" and assume the "National Torch Plan" and other honors, in 2013 the company became VOLVO global cooperation suppliers.
In order to continuously improve the quality of products, the company organized the relevant personnel and relevant enterprises and institutions at home and abroad to conduct extensive exchanges and discussions, and Shandong Lingong, Shandong University, Linyi University and other well-known domestic enterprises, institutions established a long school Cooperative relations


Ten years experience in R & D sales

Shandong Bao Machinery Co., Ltd. has always focused on technological innovation and sustainable development, R & D capability, manufacturing capacity, product quality are at home


—The pursuit of excellence and endless progress—

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